SMC CS 80 - Internet Programming

Fall 2018

An introduction to Internet technologies. Survery course cover HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, DOM, XML, JSON, Ajax, Web Servers, SQL, and PHP. Project-oriented course.

SMC CS 50 - Introduction to C Programming

Spring 2019

An introduction to C Programming. Course covers C fundamentals: control flow, loops, functions, pointers, arrays, strings, recursion, command-line arguments, structures, and enumerations.

UCLA 31 - Introduction to Computer Science I

Fall 2015, Winter 2016

Introduction to computer science via theory, applications, and programming. Basic data types, operators and control structures. Input/output. Procedural and data abstraction. Introduction to object-oriented software development. Functions, recursion. Arrays, strings, pointers. Abstract data types, object-oriented programming. Examples and exercises from computer science theory and applications.

UCLA CS 32 - Introduction to Computer Science II

Spring 2016

Object-oriented software development. Abstract data type definition and use. Overloading, inheritance, polymorphism. Object-oriented view of data structures: stacks, queues, lists. Algorithm analysis. Trees, graphs, and associated algorithms. Searching and sorting. Case studies and exercises from computer science applications.