Codeboard Submission

For this week’s assignments and onward, we will be using https://codeboard.iofor homework submissions. This will make submitting homework easier for a number of reasons:

  1. You can now verify your grade before the deadline. When you hit “Submit” on Codeboard, a testing framework will execute and check the output of your program. This makes it easier to get full points, as you know in advance which cases your program does not handle correctly.
  2. Online IDE means you can work anywhere with an internet connection. There’s no more zipping of files, Visual Studio, or XCode projects to setup. I will provide you with starter code, and then you go from there. You hit Submit, and you’ve submitted your assignment.

See an demo video of Codeboard here:

Some notes about Codeboard:

  1. You are free to continue to use Visual studio or XCode if you wish. However, all grading will occur on Codeboard, so you are required to submit and pass the test cases on Codeboard.
  2. You mustbe signed in when you submit. If you anonymously submit, you may be given a 0.
    • Please make an account and use your SMC usernameas your codeboard account username (remove all spaces, underscores, and hyphens). If I cannot identify who’s account belongs to who, you will get a 0 until the problem is fixed.
  3. You mustsave your work under the “ Project -> Save changes” menu item. Changes do not save automatically. Changes will not save unless you save signed up and logged into your Codeboard account(you can tell whether or not you are signed in the bottom left corner). Your browser should warn you if you attempt to close the tab/page without saving. Pay attention.
  4. Follow the instructions of each assignment. The output restrictions/expectations for test cases is very rigid. A single misplaced character will result in failing a test case (or all).
    • Any attempt to manipulate or subvert the grader without satisfying the requirements will result in an automatic 0for the assignment/quiz.
  5. When you submit your assignment, your output may look odd. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the green or red test case output. The testing framework modifies text input/output (so I can compare against correct answers), so it changes how the input/output appears.
  6. The following naming conventions are reserved for the testing framework. Should you not adhere to these rules, you may get a compilation error. You are notpermitted to name any function or data member (struct, enum, etc) according to the following:
    1. main()- the testing framework defines main()for you. Your main is called user_main()
    2. Any function or data type starting with the name reserved_. For instance, reserved_test()is not permitted for use. These are reserved for the testing framework.

This tool is meant to make your life easier, and I think you’ll find it very useful in securing a good grade. Please do not hesitate with questions, comments, or concerns.


  1. My score is -1, why?
    1. The first possibility is that your program has more inputs than expected by the testing framework. For instance, you may have added an unexpected loop (the description will be clear if a loop is needed), or you may prompt for an additional value. If your program has an extra input, the codeboard submission will never finish and eventually time out, leading to a -1
    2. Second, less likely possibility: there’s a problem with the testing framework. If you are confident you have matched the number of inputs in the description, please reach out if you believe there is a problem. A -1 grade is a common indicator something isn’t configured properly between codeboard and Canvas.
  2. The professor sent a note that the testing framework in codeboard was updated. How can I get the latest version?
    1. Save all of your files locally. Copy the contents of all of your .cpp and .h to your local machine.
    2. We’re going to reset your codeboard project. When you launch the assignment, you should see a prompt about “keeping your version” vs. “using the original.” Pick use the original. This will reset your codeboard project to the latest version.
    3. Recreate all of your files and paste in the source.
    4. Run the tests again with the latest version!

Codeboard Submission

Please refer to the codeboard submission instructions here: